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Discover our universe of accessories dedicated to the well-being of your beloved feline and others


Offer the best to your pretty furball by equipping your home with accessories suitable for cats and dogs such as 🌳 Cat trees, 🍲 bowls, 🐾 scratching posts, 🚪 carrying bags, kibble dispensers or 💦🐕🐱 water fountains , 🎉 toys, 🛌 baskets, cushions and baskets, 🎁 customizable necklaces... Offer the best to your pretty 🐾💞 customizable fur ball.


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🔖 If you love your dog, cat above all, that you like to cuddle him, snuggle up against each other. If you understand his language, have fun together, spend time talking to him and he is an important part of your life, then, like us, you are ailurophile!

  • 3.2M Felt Cat Splice Tunnel Deformable Kitten Nest

  • Tube tunnel for dog and cat, bedroom, hideout toys

  • Felted Cloth Pet Cat Litter Crocodile Litter

  • S Shaped Cat Tunnel, Collapsible Fun Toys

    24,90  - 34,90 

(I.e.Come and discover all the accessories, jewelry, clothes and gift ideas that we have unearthed for you and for your little treasure on our shop for dogs and cats. Treat yourself to moments of pure pleasure with your furball!

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We offer a wide choice of leashes, Harnesses & Collars 🐕‍🦺 for dogs and cats: Find the Harness , Cat Accessories Among The Best: Different Accessories Are Also Available For Your Other Pets  (I.e. , ???? ,🐓,???? et Many Other Gifts 🎁

  • 3.2M Felt Cat Splice Tunnel Deformable Kitten Nest

  • Felted Cloth Pet Cat Litter Crocodile Litter

  • S Shaped Cat Tunnel, Collapsible Fun Toys

    24,90  - 34,90 
  • Cat Toy, Sturdy Collapsible Tunnel, for Dog, Kitten

    24,90  - 28,90 
  • Foldable Suede Cloth Cat Tunnel 2 Hole Play Tubes Puppy Rabbit Game Hunting Hide Tunnel for Game Exercise Hide Training Pet Dog Pet Toys

  • Indoor Cat Tunnel Collapsible Pet Maze 3 Way Tunnel Play Tent Interactive Toy Stimulate Kittens

    29,90  - 34,90 

🍁 My Dog Cat 🍁

Offers 🗣 a Selection of Great Brands of Boxes and Accessories for Animals, Which will allow you to 🙀 Distract them and Keep them in Good Health. With These Premium Brands, Make Your Pet Happy!


to the online sale of articles for the Animalerie  the best products for dogs, cats…


Monchienchat is a shop for dogs and cats… and their masters! Discover our necklaces and pendants with cat motifs! The rings and bracelets in silver, stainless steel are designed for all those who are in osmosis with their cats. These timeless jewels are to be offered and to be offered without moderation.

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On the nylon collars, leather collar, As well as training collars and Bark Collars . We also offer you  Reflective Accessories et Luminous lamps You will necessarily find 💬

💖 your happiness! 💖


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Your furball, whatever its age, is constantly alert: it likes to climb, climb, have fun. Give him a cat tree in our accessory store so that your little feline can let off steam and sharpen its claws. For the comfort of this great nap lover, our shop for offers a whole range of baskets, hammocks, niches, water bottles, cushions and caves.

Your best friend is in good hands

Our certified stylists put the health and well-being of your pet first.

Dogs and Cats and many more...


🥳The kibble vending machines and the water fountains will allow you 💗 to feed and water your cat even in the event of prolonged absence. For his well-being, our toilet houses and litter boxes are essential.💗

Give your pets special attention and develop the bond you have with them with the range of hygiene and maintenance products from our cat accessories store: brushes, nail clippers, anti-stress, anti-stress toys. boredom… All the necessities for your pets well in his paws. 😉



Discover our ranges for cats: “Luxury”, “In Love” et “Dreams” with our associated products such as: Our bowls, our water dispensers, our litter boxes as well as our toilet houses with matching designs. Click on your favorite range ou directly on " Collection Cats » to discover everything.


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